What is the Difference Between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing?

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Soft washing is a popular method of cleaning the exterior of homes, particularly the roof and siding. It differs from pressure washing in that it uses a gentler approach, relying on specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to remove dirt, grime, and stains. Soft washing is particularly effective for cleaning surfaces that may be damaged by the high pressure of a pressure washer, such as wood, stucco, and delicate landscaping

How Does Soft Washing Work?

The soft washing process is a low-pressure cleaning technique used to safely and effectively clean exterior surfaces of a building, such as a home or a commercial property, without causing damage. The process involves using a biodegradable cleaning solution that is applied to the surface with a low-pressure spray nozzle. This solution is designed to break down dirt, algae, mold, and other debris that has accumulated on the surface.

After the cleaning solution has been applied, it is left to sit on the surface for a period of time to allow it to penetrate and dissolve the buildup. Then, the surface is rinsed clean with a low-pressure spray of water, which removes the solution and the loosened debris from the surface. The low pressure ensures that the water does not damage the surface, such as stripping away paint or damaging delicate features. 

The soft washing process is particularly effective for cleaning delicate surfaces like roofs, siding, and stucco. It is also ideal for cleaning surfaces that have become discolored or stained due to the growth of algae, mold, or other organic material. This process is not only effective, but it is also environmentally friendly, as it uses biodegradable cleaning solutions instead of harsh chemicals.

What are the Benefits of Soft Washing?

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One of the main benefits of soft washing is that it is much safer than pressure washing. Soft washing does not rely on high pressure to clean surfaces, which reduces the risk of damage to delicate surfaces, such as shingles, siding, and even windows. Additionally, because the cleaning solutions used in soft washing are specially formulated to be effective without the need for high pressure, they are generally safer for the environment than harsher chemicals.

Another advantage of soft washing is that it can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including wood, stucco, vinyl siding, brick, and more. This makes it a versatile cleaning method that can be used for a variety of outdoor cleaning tasks.

It is important to note that while pressure washing can cause damage to certain surfaces, soft washing is a safe and effective alternative. The low-pressure spray of water used in the soft washing process can effectively clean and remove debris without causing damage to the surface. Additionally, the use of a cleaning solution in the soft washing process ensures that the surface is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, which is particularly important for removing harmful substances like mold and bacteria.

Should I Soft Wash my Own Home?

While there are some DIY soft washing methods available, it is recommended to hire a professional for this type of cleaning. Professional soft washing companies have the specialized equipment, experience, and knowledge to properly clean your home’s exterior without causing damage or harm. They also have access to stronger cleaning solutions that are more effective than those available to consumers but also more environmentally friendly.

Overall, the soft washing process is an effective and safe cleaning technique that is ideal for cleaning delicate and hard-to-reach surfaces. Whether you need to clean your home’s siding, your roof, or your business’s exterior, soft washing can help you achieve a clean, healthy, and appealing appearance.

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