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At Mountain View Window Cleaning, we know the solar cleaning industry like the back of our hand. Through years of experience and hard work, we have perfected the art of cleaning solar panels and produced an outstanding quality of work every time. Our company is full of trained and highly qualified professional technicians who go above and beyond your expectations on every job. We are confident when we say that we are simply the best solar panel cleaning in Fresno CA, and when you have us, you don’t need anyone else. You will be more than impressed by our work ethic, commitment to customer care, and unbeatable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to find out more about our fantastic services.

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Like with anything, if it is dirty, dusty, and just generally not clean, it doesn’t look good. The same idea applies to your solar panels, which can look dull and worn down if they’re not kept clean. The amount of dirt and debris on the panels will show up incredibly well if the panels are on your roof. So to keep your home looking in excellent condition and your solar panels looking fresh, use our service for a hassle-free solution.

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Keeping your solar panels clean goes a long way to helping maintain the panels and protecting the surface. A well-maintained solar panel will last longer than a neglected one. Our solar panel cleaning in Fresno CA is an affordable, simple, and sustainable way of protecting your panels.

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For the solar panels to work correctly, the natural sunlight must reach the cells under the panel’s surface. With our pure water-fed pole cleaning method keeping your panels clean, the absolute optimum amount of light is reaching its destination. The cleaning can also help prevent future dirt build-ups from forming so quickly, offering greater increased protection.

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Throughout the year, dirt, dust, pollen, and even bird droppings can build-up on your panel’s surface and decrease the amount of sunlight that the cells can receive. When this happens, the panels don’t produce as much electricity, and you start to essentially lose money. Solar panels are not cheap, but they can be an excellent investment as long as they are well looked after. At Mountain View Window Cleaning, we provide precisely the kind of service you need to ensure your solar panels are working their best and have the ultimate functionality all year round. For the most dedicated and expert solar panel cleaning in Fresno CA, get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.

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Frequently Asked Fresno
Solar Panel Cleaning Questions

We use very gentle cleaning methods when dealing with your solar panels. We use a water-fed pole along with pure water to completely rid your panels of all built up dirt and grime; giving them a spot-free finish and ensuring maximum efficiency. Because your solar panels are delicate, we take extreme care when cleaning them, and we guarantee never to cause any damage. Our solar panel cleaning in Fresno CA is highly professional at all times.

At Mountain View Window Cleaning, we can go up to three stories to clean your solar panels. Even though we go up so high, we ensure that we are safe at all times using the appropriate equipment and techniques. We keep ourselves safe and out of harm’s way as well as you and your property.

At a minimum, your solar panels should be professionally cleaned once a year. However, to keep them in the best state possible all year and get the most from the panels, ideally, you should opt for twice a year. But whatever your requirements, we’ll easily schedule you in and work around your needs.

Our rates for solar panel cleaning are dependent on the job’s size. This way, you never pay more than you should. We provide free, no-obligation quotes for anyone interested. So, whenever you need solar cleaning in Fresno CA, get in touch with us and our friendly team will put together a personalized quote for you.

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