Should I Get Gutter Guards?

Window Cleaning in Fresno CA Should I Get Gutter Guards

A question I get asked all the time is “should I get gutter guards?”

A one-time solution to an annoying problem, right? Never having to worry about your gutters backing up or getting up there to clean them again? Something working with little to no maintenance? It sounds like a dream.

So, is it too good to be true? Yes – and no. It depends on your expectations. Gutter guards are not a cheap investment, and I run into clients all the time who are unsure whether it’s a good solution for them. I’m here to clear things up so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Types of Gutter Guards

Like anything, there are some pros and cons that come with installing gutter guards on your home. Also, like anything, you get what you pay for. The quality of the product you install is going to make a big difference as to whether gutter guards will work well for your home or not. There are many different options and styles of gutter guards, but here are some of the most common ones we run into when cleaning out gutters.

Mesh – This style of gutter guard is a snap-on simple mesh that sits on top of the gutter. It usually snaps into place under the roof shingles and on the front ridge of the gutter. In my experience, this style of gutter guard still lets smaller leaves, sticks, and debris through, and you still end up having to clean the gutters out nearly as often – only now it’s a bigger job because you have to remove the gutter guards first.

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Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards – This style of gutter guard is more expensive and tougher to install, but the micro mesh does a MUCH better job at filtering debris. The gutters will still need to be cleaned occasionally, but now the time in between cleanings will be greatly extended. However, when it does come time to clean, this can be quite a pain as the guards will need to be removed prior to cleaning and re-installed after cleaning. This can also cause the adhesive on the front edge of this style of guard to fail when re-attaching, and you may need to replace some sections of the gutter guard.

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Leaf Filter – Leaf Filter is a popular style of micro mesh gutter guards that has gotten really popular lately. They have a very good product, however, it is quite expensive and will need to be installed by Leaf Filter-certified installers.

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Gutter Baskets – a simple alternative to gutter guards

A simple alternative to gutter guards that I have found is to get some of these “gutter baskets” and set them in your downspouts. These can be found at most hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or ACE Hardware. The beautiful thing about these is not only are they less expensive, but they will also still filter out leaves and debris from going into your downspouts or drainage system. They also offer a great visual indicator of when it is time to clean your gutters. Once the debris piles around the downspout to the point you can visibly see it from the ground, or you can tell there is no flow coming out of the gutter, then you know it is time to have them cleaned.

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Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

In conclusion, like with most things in life, it depends on a couple of different factors. In some cases, gutter guards may work well for you. For instance, if there is one side of the home that gets a ton of larger debris like pine needles, it can be a viable option to put gutter guards on that side of the house or even all the way around the home if you are willing to make a large financial investment on your gutters. I would caution against using cheaper, DIY products and recommend if you are going to get gutter guards, get the best product installed by professionals. 

In general, I recommend to my clients not to worry about gutter guards and just get the gutters cleaned out once a year. It’s simpler, less expensive, and allows us to keep an eye on things and catch any problems with the roof or gutter before they turn into bigger problems.

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